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04-11-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
He was great last year. IMO Elias and Whitney were better, but Kovalchuk is a good choice. I probably overvalue ES play. But he also had a pretty bad 10-11 season.

I'm just very adverse to unquantifiable "feelings" when evaluating players. They need to show up somewhere.

Take Nash for example; everybody immediately felt that he added a different dimension to the Rangers. But that "feeling" shows up everywhere, we score a ton with him on the ice, dominate possession etc.. But that isn't the case with Kovalchuk. There is nothing in his numbers that suggest he's due for a bounceback. But then again, that was the case with Ovechkin and he's turned it around.

I'll just continue considering Kovy overrated, and will probably turn out to be wrong.
Elias also played large part of season centering Zubrus and Clarkson. He was listed as a C.

Whitney, I am not so sure if he is better than Kovalchuk. Don't watch him enough to formulate an opinion.

Yes, but look at Rick Nash's numbers last few years. I don't think he has proven for enough years he is in Kovalchuk tier.

You can read more here:

When Nash has multiple seasons of excellence, then yes, I'll put him up there with Kovalchuk.

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