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04-11-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by waitin425 View Post
Bwahahahahahaha! If Gagner is worth that much and is that good, yet you have 5 supposed better pieces, why exactly isn't your team running away with the season.

Beaulieu is a solid young future top pairing d man
Kristo has top 6 potential
1st rounder this year Ina deep draft.

I realize that probably doesn't get us Yak, but it is certainly >>>>>>>> Gagner
You expect one average prospect (Kristo), one good prospect (Beaulieu) and a late first to get any of our 4 potential star players? Give your head a shake. You give these guys absolute upside, but Kristo might not even end up a permanent NHL'er and Beaulieu isn't guaranteed to be a top pair guy, although he is very good.

I understand that you probably haven't watched the Oilers all year, but Gagner has been very, very good. Our second best player in fact. The upside of RNH, Schultz and Yak are way higher, and Ebs has had a bad season. That sir, is why he is worth less than those other 5 guys. That doesn't mean he has no value either.

And we aren't running away with the season for the same reason your Habs weren't last year...we need more depth and more physicality. So get off your high horse.

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