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04-11-2013, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
That's because colgate> crest and Brian Boyle should ****ing learn that already.
Richards has been quite below average, and is another reason why the Rangers are struggling as they are this season. I don't think many can argue that.

I was holding on hope of the Rangers giving BR another chance next season before using the compliance this off-season, but now, who knows. Let's see what BR does the rest of the season and come playoff time. We know he's stepped it up in big games before, why not this season too?

I do like the fact that he is shooting more on the power play however, that is a great start.
Haha, well played. All I am saying is, in the post game threads that I could stomach to venture into, Gabby's indifference, lack of aggression, etc was commented on more than Richards' invisible play from what I can tell. Even if people want to debate that, I don't think it's as debatable that Richards has not gotten nearly the criticism that other stars getting paid a lot of money have in the past. At the Garden or elsewhere. Alot of people I talked to around MSG were quicker to talk about Gaborik than Richards before the trade...

I am reluctant to buy him out this summer. It's alot of money on the Rangers cap next year but I have hard time assessing him in a lockout shortened season. I give most of these guys who are having off years or struggling the benefit of the doubt based on that being at least part of the reason (big or small I don't know). Particularly because he did not play in European league. He definitely has been better since being moved off the point on the PP but he was pretty brutal there.

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