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04-11-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by CantbeatzPekka View Post
the positives for not making the playoffs are getting a better draft pick. He wants that playoff revenue I am sure. Why would he talk about the preds bad season when he is there to talk about the business part of hockey?
Exactly why I was at a loss as to why he even brought it up. From a business standpoint, the lecture was good regarding the discussion of ticket revenues, merchandising and etc.

From a fan perspective, however, discarding this season's performance and failure to make to the playoffs as a "there are benefits to not making it to the playoffs" seemed a bit intellectually dishonest. Not making to the playoffs may give us good draft picks, but does not give good revenue. Not the same ticket sales, etc. It is not of today that the Preds have been playing at a questionable level. If I remember well, the performance of the team was repeatedly questioned several times in the last two years mainly because of re-occurring issues in gameplay, even at the playoffs. The fact that they have constantly refused to solve the problems and try to sugar coat it with "there are benefits to our poor performance" just irked me as a fan, I guess. I understand it is probably silly to expect him to be honest about the team's situation right now, mainly in a business lecture, but I do feel he opened the door to criticism by bringing such a controversial aspect into the discussion. :/

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