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04-11-2013, 02:00 PM
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This was two nights ago, but I forgot to post it yesterday. I had stopped working on shooting for a long time at pickups or before games in order to improve my overall game and not focus on goals.

On Tuesday, I played 3v3 for a couple hours (two time slots as a sub) at this mini rink and put an emphasis on shooting the puck and getting my technique better. I've been switching between an Ai9 (mid kick) and an Easton RS2 (low kick) trying to get a feel for which I liked better for pure shooting. My focus was also on snap shots as my slapper is my best shot and my wrister is fine, so I really want to get the snapper down.

I played the first game with my trusty Ai9 and everything was fine as usual. This stick I usually do not have an issue shooting with and I usually go to it when I'm in a slump. When shooting snappers with this stick, I would use the pull in slightly and then snap the puck as the stick loads. I still have problems getting it consistently or without looking down, but it's improving.

That technique doesn't work so much for the RS2 as the curve is slightly different (both are pro stock sakic clones but the RS2 has a bit more toe and is a bit more open, yet not quite Kreps/E28). When I switched to the RS2, I tried to focus on eliminating the drag motion and speeding up the release by just snapping only the last 1/3 of the blade (off the toe basically).

Once I got the timing down, my shot was much quicker, and much more accurate than before, even trying to just focus on the target and not looking down at the puck. I know that eliminating the extra step probably helped with timing, but the shot was much better than the shots I would get off with the Ai9. In addition to the snap, I also tried to better the timing in my weight transfer to get more energy loaded. I started sniping left and right in the second game and could definitely see a noticeable difference.

Conceptually, I would lean forward and in to my stick using friction caused from the toe of the blade being slightly behind the puck (like the E28 video about shooting off the toe) so that when the blade made contact with the puck, the energy is already ready to be released like a slap shot. This also enabled me to feel the loading of the RS2 more consistently and on each shot, which is something I wasn't really able to do before, unless it was dumb luck.

I already can't wait to try it out in a game and get that first game snipe in a while.

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