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04-11-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Voynov was there for the same three seasons as Bud. In fact, Voynov actually played all three seasons at the AHL level, while Bud split his first first between the AHL and ECHL. Additionally, Voynov was a much higher draft pick and had more opportunities for riches back in Russia. And, like Bud, he was never recalled once either.

Did Voynov run off to Europe? No, he came back, and was sent down to the farm again, to start his fourth pro season. He was recalled 15 games in after an injury to Alec Martinez.

Like Bud, Voynov wasn't promised anything, only told that he'd have a good chance to either make the team or, more likely, be the top recall in case of injury. Voynov elected to come back and take the team on their word, Bud elected to go for the money in Europe. It really is that simple. Bud wanted to know he had a spot locked up (IE one-way deal), and when he didn't get that, he left. Voynov stayed and continued to play on his two-way deal until he got recalled. And the Kings were deeper on D at the time than they were upfront, especially in terms of scoring depth on the 3rd and 4th lines.

There is no reading into this something that wasn't there. Bud wanted a pro roster spot by means of his demand of a one way deal, and when DL refused, Bud left for Europe because the pay was greater there than in the AHL. And that's fine. What GM gives out a one-way contract to someone who hasn't even played an NHL game anyways? I doubt there was a GM in the league that would have given Bud what he was insisting on.

Frankly, to me, there is no blame on either side, though I would be upset if DL said he wasn't going to even try and sign Bud simply because of what happened (and there's been no indication of that either). If you really want to point fingers in this case though, you can look at both sides, not just DL.
Difference with Voynov is that he never had the chance to leave. The summer he left is when the NHL and KHL signed their MOU to respect each other's contracts. Voynov has had a valid NHL contract for the past 5 seasons. Never once had any chance he could leave. He has not had the option to leave at all.

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