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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Reasons I would dread facing Toronto:

- They play waaay too well in our building.

- Kessel is a Habs killer.

- All the pressure will be on our team with about 500 reporters covering the series reminding them of that everyday. If we lose, it's viewed as a choke job.

- Reimer seems to be at his best against us.

- Toronto has nothing to lose.

- Our defence right now is NOT suited to play teams with 3 lines of offence, which Toronto is. We absolutely need a Diaz in top shape to play this team.

- They will try to goon it up at certain points.

- Randy Carlyle may actually smarten up and play Jake Gardiner since we're a skating team.

- Refs at the know the deal by now. Guarantee the Leafs average at least a 5 on 3 per home game.
I guess it's been so long since the Laffs were in the Playoffs that you forget how bipolar their fanbase and reporters are. If we have 500 reporters, they'll have just as many... Pressure... the leafs have never felt it... when they do finally make the playoffs the frenzy will be so silly that they'll implode. There really isn't one player on their team that I could look at and say... yup, he's a leader and will make everyone calm. The only chance the leafs would have is if they can intimidate us... that usually comes with penalties and our PP is deadly. Bring em on....

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