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12-29-2003, 04:40 AM
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OK, let's just forget about the playoffs and trade away our best players because we've got no chance to win the cup this year.

No, you the Flames can't afford Igilna's 7+ million dollar salary, and its also not like I'm just making this up, Igilna trade rumors have been popping up since the off-season, generally that means something - the ONLY reason the Flames would trade him a salary dump, not going anywhere in the playoffs just makes the deal make that much more sense. Now if the Flames were going somewhere this year then a team can normally justify keeping a player they can't afford to win, but they are going to win and they can't afford him. I can totally understand feeling passionte about a player, but use your head for a minute.

Snakeeye - You're an idiot. First the Flames are not going to get a laterial trade for Igilna. You've mentioned players like Gagne and Datsyuk, and skill wise those are fair trades, but why the hell would those teams spend 5-6 million more on Igilna when they already have Gagne and Datsyuk? Are you just new to hockey or something? Look at the deal that brought Igilna to the Flames - Nieuwendyk (one of the best centers in the league) for an unproven prospect, trades like this don't have active players of equel ability going back the other way.

If/when he gets moved it will be for prospect's and/or picks - look at the Comrie deal you need an example, all they got for him were a prospect and picks - not a player of equel skill whos in the NHL right now. And I've NEVER said they would go Igilna/Kaberle straight up (as you seem to think) but that he would be part of package including a top line potential center, and one of the top 10 offensive D-men is something the Flames need.

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