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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I wouldn't call it weak (it was a knuckler) but it's definitely a stoppable puck.

What bothers me though is that this is what folks focus on. They don't focus on the 1st period where we left him to the wolves to face 10 shots in the first five minutes and he bailed our sorry ass out of it. Yeah, he got beat by OV on a shot that maybe he should've had but it's freaking Ovechkin and that puck wasn't the easiest to stop either. Listening to folks talk like he cost us the game though is downright dumb.

And I don't care how much you make those goals are going to go in sometimes. 6.5 million doesn't buy you perfection.
The bolded part needs repeating.

Being highly paid means you should have a minimal number of mistakes not that they will never happen. I'm willing to bet that if someone compiled a list of all the bad goals scored on goalies, Price would have one of the fewest bad goals per game ratios.

My personal take on why Carey gets so much unwarranted criticism is that most of the time he makes it look easy. He makes hard stops look easy so doesn't get the credit he deserves, which in turns makes his mistakes stand out even more. So people see a goalie who had a relatively easy night but flubbed that one goal, but replace Price with Tim Thomas and people would see 1 flubbed goal and 10 brilliant saves given the same shots/chances.

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