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04-11-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ikeman79 View Post
I am high on J-Bo, I think a lot of people are after seeing how he plays instead of listening to people that never watched him in the past.

I never said I was the only one who watched hockey. I said I've watched a lot of J-Bo play in the past and he wasn't anything like what the haters were saying. I believe that's still true.

He really wasn't all that inconsistent, he was playing on teams that really were not that great. No offense to them, Calgary is my second favorite team. He was by far their best defenseman and on many nights their best player.

I'm sure there is a reason Detroit didn't trade for him, but I don't really care what it is because we got him and he makes our team a lot better. The last two blockbuster I saw Detroit pull off via trade was a 1st for Kyle Quincey, you might ask them how that's working out for them? I'm not sure but I think I'd rather have J-Bo instead of Kyle Quincey, but that's just me. So I really don't pay much attention to what Detroit does anymore since they are spiraling down and their biggest defensive pickup of the off season was Carlo Coliacivo. So no disrespect to Cola or the Red Wings, but it is possible the Red Wings were not even on Bouwmeesters list of trade places he'd go. So really that might end the whole why didn't Detroit trade for J-Bo thing? It's possible players don't want to go there as much now since they really don't have any chance of hoitsting Lord Stanleys Cup in the near future. What do I know I guess? I'm just 1 of about 3 guys that's not from Calgary that liked Bouwmeester, I can't help it I wasn't telling stories about his talent level so I could like an idiot when he showed up and twittled his thumbs like everybody else said he was going to do. Work almost 700 days straight at a job that's high competition against your competitions best workers and then mabe I will care about the your not the only one who watches hockey spill.

I'm pretty sure this is a hockey forum. I'm also pretty sure most people on this forum watch hockey pretty regularly. However if not I can see why they would want to get on here and sound intelligent to hockey fans, and x players.

Also its been a decade since we as Blues fans seen a long string of first and second round picks traded.
Also I'm not mad at anybody for not being high on Bouwmeester, that's ridiculous. Thanks for making up stuff for me though.
You realize I can read your other posts and know you're not being truthful now, right? The very first line of this post continues to posit two camps: 1) people who share your opinion; and 2) people who have never seen him play.

You've repeatedly characterized anyone who isn't on your same page as someone who's never seen Bouwmeester play. You literally made it an aggresively-stated point in every one of your posts on the previous page.

So I am not making stuff up for you. I get why you're doing it, though. If everyone who doesn't agree with your intense enthusiasm for this player can be dismissed as someone who's never watched him play, it's like shoving someone out of the way so you can go in for an easy layup. It's cheap ad hominem. And you're doing it.

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