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04-11-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by ikeman79 View Post
Ummm false on all three of your accounts.

I haven't characterized anybody, I started out buy saying he wasn't a cream puff and people would be surprised. Later after he arrived people were comparing him to Orr and Coffey and stating he was more physical than they thought of his reputation. I was agreeing with them and saying i'm glad they can see what he actually is. I haven't been aggressive to anybody with you, but that's because your making up stuff about what i'm saying and putting words in my mouth.

I wouldn't dismiss anybody who made valid points about Bouwmeester. Ive seen several staing how surprised they were by him. I actually haven't seen one person since watching him play say they didn't like him, the complete opposite actually.

I'm not shoving anybody out of the way, I was responding to you and your little tyraid about the stuff I said that I din't say.

I stand by everything I said about Bouwmeester. I still like him. I still think he was getting a bum wrap before his plane touched down here, and I still wonder if Detroit was on his list, I doubt it was.

P.S. I just reread what you had highlighted that I had said people that hadn't watched him. Yes I will stick with that wether you believe it to be aggressive or not, because you haven't watched J-Bo if you think he is inconsistent. The very argument of it is shocking that people would even state it. Why in the world would an inconsistent player hold the current ironman record? Why even respond to something so ludicrous? Who gets sent out night after night to play if they are being inconsistent or not up to par?? Who? Its not Brian Elliot, he found Peoria along the road before he refound his confidence and the mans on fire!! Go ELLS!!

So really I think your being ridiculous, and the truth might be, you just don't like him or anybody that does lol. I don't really care honestly, anybody with two eyes can watch him and see what he is.

Heres to the playoffs since he is on a playoff team and will get to see them, amazing how it takes a team and not one guy to get you to the playoffs. I forgot, some wanted to blame Calgary and Floridas playoff absence on J-Bo... Umm yeah right.
No, no anger at all from you.

“Tyraid” is my new favorite, but there are so many to choose from!

Originally Posted by ”ikeman79”
Well I'm glad now that some of you have actually seen Bouwmeester in action, instead of just jumping on the he's a cream puff boat and talking smack about an excellent player that you haven't actually given a chance because you haven't watched him
Originally Posted by ”ikeman79”
instead of listening to people that never watched him in the past.
No, you're not saying that people who disagree haven't watched him! How dare I say that! I must just have all kinds of other bad motives that you may wildly (and hilariously misspelled) attribute to me! How dare I notice what you wrote repeatedly!

I like how you think the word "consistent" means "did he suit up for the game, yes or no?" Sharp, smart take.

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