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Originally Posted by MrBigglesworth View Post
Hopefully the players are more realistic than the fans. We're currently sitting in 22nd after years of 29/30. Things are fine.
in an 82 game season i guarantee you this is the january run where we drop the rest of the games through the season.

Be thankful you only had a 48 game season.

I know there are alot of people ok with losing and being a laughing stock and being suckers. but i would suggest people just take a couple ssteps back and look at the big picture. It doesnt take anytime to make an nhl team.

In 5 years you will still suck. God bless hall for saying LAST YEAR he is getting sick and tired of THE LOSERS AND THEIR PATHETIC EXPECTATIONS.

yes... he will be gone....long gone... shortly. He knows whats up. He knows a toilet when he sees one.

Hall is not a loser, he is actually a winner, and he wants no part of this loser parade. Anyone who thinks he is sticking around, doesnt listen to him talk. Word for Word he now knows this place is suckville and deadmonton for 8 months. he needs fans that know suck when they see it and a management that cares.

Hes no Gretzky and the Oilers are very unlikely to ever win a cup in the next twenty years. Hall and Ebs are good guys but they arent going to waste their careers. These guys are WINNERS. Edmonton is a pit of suck

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