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04-11-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
No, no anger at all from you.

“Tyraid” is my new favorite, but there are so many to choose from!

No, you're not saying that people who disagree haven't watched him! How dare I say that! I must just have all kinds of other bad motives that you may wildly (and hilariously misspelled) attribute to me! How dare I notice what you wrote repeatedly!

I like how you think the word "consistent" means "did he suit up for the game, yes or no?" Sharp, smart take.
Dude...You arguing with yourself? How many times can you quote me and I say:Yes that's what I'm saying. Yes I'm saying if your saying you watched J-Bo and thought he was inconsistent his whole career and the playoff misfortune of his teams were because of him, then yes I think you never really watched him.

So I'm sorry I can't win you a spelling bee. I probably never can. I am a pretty good observer of hockey skill however, which is why I'm on this hockey forum, to talk about hockey. So when everybody is saying somebody stinks and they don't, then yes I will state the truth about them.

So I might be confused as to what your saying. I'm in agreement with you that I stated you have never watched him if you think he is inconsistent, I think he got a bad wrap. I also will stand by players the stink don't touch the ice and find their way off it quickly. So yes we our in agreement, I am saying you said you watch a lot of hockey, I won't argue that, I will argue you've watched J-Bo a lot if you think him to be inconsistent.

You can have your own thoughts, I can have mine, we don't have to agree. I think its hard to look at this board and the thoughts of others about his play since arrival and state I'm alone in my thoughts that he's pretty darn good. I'm not saying you said I was alone, I'm just stating something that appears to be a fact to me and many others on this board that the guy is an excellent player and better than he has gotten credit for in the past. Wayne Gretzky was really good, but he didn't win LA a cup.

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