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08-28-2006, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by psychonaut View Post
The rural areas will bust, but in the city I think not as much. Like ppl said the baby boomers are the one paying all the land, so now they are going back to the city where they are close to the service.

So for myself im waiting 3-5 years to buy, mostly thinking we will prob have a other referemdum wiche might bring down the prices or atless slow it down a bit. Looking back the year after the referendum would of been the best!

But for the original poster, I think you should rent first not go out and purchase a place right away even if its the way to go. Also I hope you and your girlfriend are doing everything 50/50 if not PLEASE talk to you notaire!!
Of course I am... if she dumps me she takes 50% of the debt load

Thanks for the advice everyone, bu tI'm pretty sure I'm buying a condo... UNLESS I can't find anything worthy (but I think I have already), then I'd rent a cheap apartment for a year and continue looking.

PS to whoever said I'D get a 10% raise... I'll be a nurse, so no 10% for me, more like whatever raise is on the "échelle salariale" the government forced on us last december...

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