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04-11-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
No I'm disagreeing with you because you're making stuff up you rambled on about the heights in the QMJHL before and I listed like 15 of the top 20 scorers from this past season that were all 5'9" lol. Then you bring up 3 QMJHL mem cup championships when it was only actually 2, 1 of which wasn't even a dominant team, it was just the host who had a good tournament.

You're telling me what I'm going to see in this year's draft and in the future QMJHL drafts but you had no idea who Noah Hanifin is? Get a grip... You say small players will diminish every year but last years QMJHL draft #1 pick was 5'8" at the time. Drouin was 5'8.5" in his QMJHL draft year. Nathan Noel is top 5 this year and he's been listed from 5'9"-5'10". Jeremy Roy is a 5'10" defenseman right now ranked at the top of the QMJHL draft. Anthony Beauvillier is listed at 5'9". Sprongs only 5'10". Brandon Gignac is only 5'7"-5'8"ish, Brett Dorion is 5'9", Nic Welsh (Halifax) is only 5'9", Colby Tower is 5'9", then there's that Bouchard guy I can't remember if it's Jeremy or James but he's like 5'6" and these are all guys projected in the top 2-3 rounds of the QMJHL draft, talent wise not mock draft.

You have some sort of anti-5'9" agenda I don't understand and will say anything to make it seem true but it's simply not. QMJHL always has been and always will be a small man's league for the foreseeable future.

"I will never invent things" right after saying "8 people PM'd me saying that he's not knowledgeable?"

Seriously? Why would people be PM'ing you to tell you I'm not knowledgeable I've probably butt heads with a few people on here but I highly doubt there's gossipy 13 year old girls on here doing that kind of stuff
Not gonna get myself involved into this insane debate. Just want to point out that some of the measurements you are using are dated. Jeremy Roy for instance is now 5'11" 1/2, almost 6'0" at his age which is very reasonable for a skilled defenceman.

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