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Originally Posted by Carey Cost View Post
Wait for it, here it comes...

(philly) Philly with a "bunch of retreads" managed and reached the Finals

(habs) Us with some random guy that was drafted 250+ went to the ECF

(philly) Now philly got what they thought was at the time a Good Goalie and won 1 round so far.

(habs) And us we drafted a "Good" goalie and we won 1 round so far as well and that was 5 years ago in his rookie season...

Whats relevant to Price is that both teams thought they were getting a good goalie...
I don't really think Philly was a "bunch of retreads". Pronger, Briere, Giroux, Carter, Richards, Timonen, Giroux, Gagne, Hartnell, they were a very good team. I agree that you don't need a star goalie to get to the finals, and the 2010 playoffs were the case in point. Both the Flyers and Blackhawks in that playoff had fantastic teams (especially the Blackhawks), that made up for their average to mediocre goaltending. Halak despite his draft position is a good goalie but had an insane playoff hot streak not indicative of his real talent. Don't try to use an absurd hot streak as justification for trading Price. Not to mention the fact that Cammalleri and Gionta, as well as Gill and Gorges played like monsters in that post season, and in the 2nd round Plekanec and our defensemen basically nullified the two best players in the game (Crosby and Malkin were held to 5 and 3 points respectively). That playoff was as much about Cammalleri and Gionta playing at unbelievable levels as it was about Halak doing the same.

Saying "we've only won 1 playoff series with Price" is ignoring the context of the series Price has been the starter in. We won a series in Price's rookie season, and then we had an absolutely hilarious joke of a series in 2008-09. If you're going to pin our 4 game sweep in 2008-09 loss on Price and say that we would have advanced if only we had Halak then I don't even know what to say. The last playoff series for Price was a 7 game hard fought series against the eventual Stanley Cup champions, against a historic performance at the other end of the ice from Thomas. We lost 3 OT games in that series, we get one OT goal in that series we're talking about how good Price was in that series. Again, I have to reiterate that the year the Bruins won the cup Thomas was on a level that was absolutely historic, that was a generational season+playoff from him that simply can not be expected to happen outside of once in a generation.

When we lost our two playoff series with Price in net we had a really really bad team in 2008-09, and we were one OT goal away from winning in 2011 against the eventual cup winners with a generational performance in net. I don't really get how you can reasonably attribute either of these losses to goaltending or call Price a waste because of them. It just isn't realistic and ignores the team situation surrounding Price. I can understand if you're arguing that we would be better off finding an average goalie and investing the difference in salary into another top 4 defenseman or top 6 forward, that is up for debate and it's a debate worth having, but to draw comparisons between Bryzgalov and Price on the grounds of "they though they had a good goalie but have only won one playoff series" is ridiculous.

Yes, both Philly and Montreal thought they had a good goalie. The difference is Philadelphia thought wrong, Bryzgalov has been remarkably below average since going to Philadelphia (.909 and .896 save percentages, far far below league average), whereas Price has been above average every season of his career save for his second career season when he was twenty one years of age, was very far above league average on a 2010-11 team and followed it up with a great playoff performance (despite the fact that *gasp* we lost to the eventual cup champions), and even managed to stay above league average during the gong show that was last season. Where's Carey this year? That's right, above league average. Is he 6.5M worth of above league average this year? Of course not, but to suggest that Price's contract is going to be Bryzgalov esque is a big stretch at best and completely asinine at worst. Just because Philly thought Bryzgalov was Price doesn't mean Price is Bryzgalov.

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