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04-11-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by bleed_oil View Post
Actually dont think he is entirely incorrect with that.
Outside of Hall can you really defend the play of Eberle or Nug this year? What about PRV? Sure we all love talking about his progress, but the guys PPG is 0.31 this year. Schultz has been absolutely abysmal on D.
So really I could say I've been pleased with Hall (who couldn't be) and Yak, perhaps even Schultz. But the rest of them have most certainly under achieved.

As for there comments about free agents and Edmonton\Toronto. Thats a total falsehood. What free agents have signed in Toronto? No one I can think of in a very long time. Its not an organization with any history of recent success and the market is a nightmare for attention and pressure.
I definitely agree about RNH and Eberle (that was lost in my rant) but I seriously doubt that McCown has even watched a game. If he had then he would know how Hall has played... even when the team is down 3-1, 4-0... whatever. Hall always brings it. McCown insinuated that all of the Oilers' young players have bombed. For all of the silly things that MacLean said he was bang on about the veterans. The Oilers aren't going to the next level without some quality veterans in their late 20's, early 30's. All of our veterans are flaky (Hemsky) injured (Whitney) or on their last legs (Smyth).

And you're obviously bang on about Toronto. Players don't voluntarily sign there. They couldn't even bring in significant free agents during Sundin's heyday when the team got good.

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