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Originally Posted by Flames1217 View Post
People think that adding muscle is just super easy, I would like to place a bet that no one can put on 10 pounds in pure lean muscle in under 6 months to a year. Muscle is the hardest thing for your body to acquire. I assume in 2-3 years Jankowski will probably be around 205, but not this summer, It would be all fat. People also saying he would go in the third round are delusional. He was first round talent, it was just there were a ton of question marks. It has been noted many times that other GM's would have taken him with their first rounder also.
From a bodybuilding perspective, a young adult male can gain up to 2 lb of muscle per month without steroid use. I realize Jankowski isn't going to be a bodybuilder, but he's also not anywhere near his frame's natural limit in terms of how much muscle it can hold. He's got a lot working for him: he's young, he may not even be entirely out of puberty, and he's got this massive frame that's the opposite of being filled out. That's a prime situation for muscle gain.

He does have things working against him such as the fact that playing and practicing are going to make mass difficult to gain, he's not going to be on a bodybuilder's routine, and he may not be as driven to fill out as a lot of guys are. That aside, I still think 10 lb gains in muscle from season to season are completely reasonable for him if he tries to do it.

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