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04-11-2013, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by spOiler View Post
As long as whoever won picked jones hed be fine cause i wouldnt be able to pick either person... but if say edmonton (from 6th to first spot) won that pick would not be effected by the deal on floridas pick and i could go mckinnon jones 1-2 and giggle slightly.
That being said im in the middle of finals any idea when you are planning the draft to make sure im clear.

Kinda stoked for my crazy youth Defensive core.
Pouliot, Jones(hopefully), Murphy, Siemens all ready to have a shot to make the team.
I'm going to do it right after the playoffs are done (Sunday at the latest). And yes, you are correct. if your other pick wins, you'd be free to take whoever with the 1st.

For the lottery, I'm going to use a site to generate a random number out of 1000 (because the NHL does the odds to 1 decimal place) and 1st will have numbers 1-250 (25%), 2nd will have 251-438 (18.8%), etc

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