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04-11-2013, 06:22 PM
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Ottawa, Montreal and Columbus are on the phone for the OIlers

"Hello Oilers? What is this rebuild thing you are talking about? HAHAHAHAHAHA. You idiots HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 5 year plan HAHAHAHA "

Oiler fans are used to being irrelevant though. Since weight was traded in 2001 thats what we have been.

Eventually you have to understand this is a business run by losers who have a long history of being aweful at their jobs.
And yes this team is a joke. Its a walking universal punchline.
And you wear their colors out of some strange sense of loyalty and attachment like a bad marriage.

Not here to troll or to pick fights.
Im here to say that we, all Oiler fans, have to step back and see that the fans have been abused and taken advantage of. The symbol of the oilers has been used to violate all of you. You trusted and devoted yourself in this symbol but its not the same. This isnt a low budget team working their butts off every night like it did in Weights days. This isnt a hockey club. THis is a poster, this is a catchy advertisement to sell Billions in real-estate in an arena district for a man who will never lose a dime or pay rent.

You got taken to the cleaners. You might get scraps... I dont think a cup will come to edmonton in the next 20 years. highly unlikely. We all got conned. Katz is a serpent, rubbing his greedy hands together snickering and laughing... all the way to his favorite suite at GM place to watch his favorite team.

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