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04-11-2013, 06:45 PM
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So the 7 or so similar players I listed in regards to faceoff % and offensive skill must not exist then? I am not inventing anything. It is a fact of being a 4th line player. That is basically what defines them - lack of high skill which means they can be replaced. You are just biasing yourself towards you own player. You see Boyle all the time so you know what he does well. You don't see hundreds of games from some random guy on say Phoenix, LA, or Florida for example so even if someone performed the same as Boyle or better you would not know it. I am not disrespecting or lacking awareness of the defensive game. I have said I like his game when played in the correct role. When he is playing twice as much as he should be all the good he does is basically negated by the bad from limiting our offense.

"Zucc, Clowe, and Brassard have all now started taking time away from Boyle even further on the PP. Zucc started when he came. Clowe is assuming Gabby's time. Brassard is the guy bumping Boyle even further down in terms of PP time. Further down from his measly 29 seconds per game that bothers some of you guys so ****ing much."

Not true. He's been on the PP more recently than he had before and he is on the 2nd unit now in front of the net pretty much always.

If Boyle was not on our team and played for someone else would you really be like WOW we gotta go out and trade for this guy?

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