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04-11-2013, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Brian Boyle is 10th on our forwards in PP time. Below Pyatt. Below Miller. He has 17 minutes 50 seconds of powerplay time. Without Clowe and Brassard in there, he'd be 8th. That means he's getting PP time when other players are tired since he is not technically a top 2 unit PPer.

Kreider, in his 17 games, had over 13 minutes of PP time. Almost as much as Boyle over 36 games!

Where are you guys getting that Boyle is on the PP all that much? Are you guys watching some random different dimension team where Boyle is on the ice every minute of the game? The guy averages 29 seconds of PP time per game. That's it. If we get 3 PPs, that is 10 seconds PER POWERPLAY.

Zucc, Clowe, and Brassard have all now started taking time away from Boyle even further on the PP. Zucc started when he came. Clowe is assuming Gabby's time. Brassard is the guy bumping Boyle even further down in terms of PP time. Further down from his measly 29 seconds per game that bothers some of you guys so ****ing much.
You're not wrong regarding Boyle's totals at all. If you go back a few pages you'll see I did a lot of research on Boyle today.

Among the 32 NHL forwards that average between 14-15 minutes a night, Boyle is 26th in points. That's below average productivity, I'd say. He's tied for one player in points, and of the players behind him, the most games played is Eric Belanger (23).

I think the Boyle PP time has been disputed a lot more recently simply because he's playing more on the power play as of late. So in that sense, Zucc, Clowe, and Brassard are not taking PP time away from Boyle at all.

Of his 17:40 PP TOI, 11 of those minutes have come in the month of April.

Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Yep. You're one of the rare ones. You were able to demonstrate a weakness in Boyle using facts.

Normally criticisms of Boyle start with "Boyle makes me feel...".

When statistics are used there's normally a mystical reason why they don't reflect Boyle's true suckiness. It could be that his hits aren't as effective as everyone else's. Or maybe there is something wrong with his possession stats because they don't deduct points for him falling down.
Well, when I have a point to make I like to try and prove it to the best of my ability. I guess it's the curse of having a marketing brain and being aware of market research skills

Now If I could only put those "skills" towards a career...

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