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Originally Posted by tobo View Post
The last couple FM's didn't entertain me nearly as much like previous ones. I barely made it past the first season. FM 05 on the other hand took a ridiculous amount of my time. If I remember correctly, I made it until the 17-18 season.

Edit: lol @ Layne Staley complaining about a 4M budget. IMO playing with teams that don't have any money are the most interesting because then you have to be inventive.
When your budget is 4 mil for a so called "Italian giant" yes it's boring. I don't buy FM to take over dumpy teams and unrealistically get them to win champions league, I like playing a top team and being able to acquire top talent. I'm American, I know the players from the top divisions but if you think I know who to go after in Npower or Serie B I don't.

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