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08-28-2006, 09:58 PM
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If you have free time and want to pick up some words here and there, what I did was buy a French-English pocket dictonary, then I would print out hockey articles from rds and take them to work where I would translate them from French to English. At first it took a long time (but I had a very, very boring job and needed 8 hours to kill) but after a couple times I started to be able to read through some articles without any help. The problem is when I hit slang or quotes from people.

That said I did not know any French other then the very very basics and never learned it in school or was ever around it. I did have some help from a friend in Quebec over the net she helped me get used to using French, that said I still stink at it but now at least I can read it ok when before I could barely read it at all. I still want to learn how to speak it better since I've only worked on reading it.

After that I want to learn Russian but that will take some time.

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