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08-28-2006, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Vic Rattlehead View Post
No, you're wrong.

Leviathan was incredible. Blood Mountain is even better.

Mastodon is an extremely talented band.
agreed! Im so much enjoying listening and playing their songs... My friend made me know this band, and now its my favorites... But its still my friend cd on my comp, gonna buy my own!

Originally Posted by The n00b King View Post
bof i heard one album and didnt think so. i dont remember which one though. the singing just didnt do it for me.

Ok... what do you know about music? Listen to them, and what they have said (by listenning to their DVD) is that their singing is just bad... and the guys do have a voice that fits very well with the lyrics (gotta read them i guess)... And if the CD that you listenned to is Leviathan, youre just a fool!... its the best CD from them , and the 2 last songs completly rips anyother songs (Hearts Alive & Joseph Merrick)Before telling thats crap, get infos...

And they're comming to MTL Sept 10.


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