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04-11-2013, 08:36 PM
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Has their ever ben a more inept/poor owner in pro sports than Katz?

Since he has taken over ownership of the Oilers in 2008:
1) missed playoffs every year
2) 3 straight last place finishes (or close enough). On way to another pathetic finish
3) amongst highest seat prices in league despite putrid product
4)Gets City to basically gift him a shiny new 450 mil arena, in the process implicitly threatening Oilers to move (Seattle, Hamilton, Quebec trips anyone?), despite unparalleled attendance & prosperity 75% of franchises would kill for
5) in the negotiations with City, moved goalpost many times thus exhibiting character, in an effort to extract/extort more out of City taxpayers
6) continued on with horrific draft beer for sale

Cant imagine a worse owner.

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