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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
Problem is with the issue is that Seattle has been in this process for over two years and done exactly what needs to be done and everything is ready pending a EIS review/2nd vote and could still get voted down.

What has Sacramento done the past two years? two non bidding agreements that were not finalized with everything laid out and solid which one of those fell apart nevermind their suppose group is flip flopping between investors and still adding investors up to a week left before a vote.

The NHL would never allow such a group like that in their league.

Why should Seattle get the expansion when sacramento has a ways to go to be where seattle is at today?
Sacramento isn't where Seattle is because the current owners have always said the team wasn't for sale, then they up and sold the team to a man wanting to move them to Seattle. The Sacramento group isn't where Seattle is because they were never given the opportunity. KJ and co has been fighting to keep the Maloof's from moving, not buy the team because they were never for sale, according to the snake brothers.

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