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04-11-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
this is the problem. we just can't get on a streak. we'd be in toronto's position right now if we had one ****ing decent streak this season.

8 games left. not a duanting schedule. there is no excuse but i know we will **** up at least a couple of the games.

keep in mind 8th is basically a blackhole as well cause we'd get likely destroyed by Pitt (even though we played them pretty good the 2 games with our new lineup)

montreal is montreal

washington is so hot right now im even scared of them
dude....relax, you are assuming way too many things

Have some confidence in your team (forget the coaching staff for a second)

As a Ranger fan......the team must take the bull by its horns. I don't car what team we play. Hell....I'll take Typical Montreal or the these "All-World Pens". Doesn't matter......because we are going to go on a run. Just wait and see

PS. Take a Benzo or def need some anti-anxiety meds

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