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08-28-2006, 11:43 PM
Le Golie
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I'm a goalie, but I am a good puck handler and I play shinny as a forward a lot so my hands are pretty good. So let me offer something completely different than what everyone else is saying, I hope it works....

Start thinking about it differently. Kids are taught to knock the puck back and forth and that is stickhandling. That's fine and all, but really it's deeper than than.

If you can learn to think about it differently and you will suddenly start to 'feel' the puck. When you do that, you'll never need to look at it again.

In reality, the puck is not capable of moving itself - so every time it moves it's because someone made it move. Learn to make it move places in a way that ensures you know where it is all the time. Don't just knock it around, forhand to backhand. Take it on your stick and move it a few inches. You are the one telling it where to go, so you need to learn how to meet it there and move it again. Once you learn how to anticipate its every move (which should come naturally because you are the one making it move) you should be able to feel it and know where it is all the time. That's what puck handling is, and that's how I feel when I have the puck.

Maybe this is a dumb post, but I hope it helps.

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