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Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
The only thing that Kroenke would be guilty of is keeping Lacroix. So if you think Lacroix isn't the issue, then Kroenke isn't either. The coaching issue is a huge issue that most have with Lacroix. Lacroix will not hire the best available coach, he hires people he knows. Sherman, IMO makes absolutely no hockey decisions. I've stated my opinion a bunch of times, but I think Sherman was originally brought in to be Roy's assistant and when that fell through they just said screw it, we will hire him anyways. I think the front office has done a nice job on the ice, getting good young players where we had deficiencies. But they have done a horrible job of the development side of things. They are not hiring the best qualified people, and we are seeing the results. They NEED to hire a good coach and teacher, with discipline who commands respect. The next coach is a huge step for this franchise. You mess this one up and you may burn bridges with Duchene, EJ, Varly, and ROR. FO better get their **** together.

I think Lacroix being at the last game is a good sign. They are re-evaluating this team and I am assuming there will be some changes made.
Sherman - day-to-day operations of the team.
Lacroix - trades and player decisions.

Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Giguere was probably the worst GM in the history of GMs, and there is no excuse from hiring coaches within the organization, but he was always bad for having average to below average coaches except for Coach Q.

Though I still do not understand the Sherman hate. Thinking he is a puppet under Lacroix is just assumptions and not facts.

What changes in what positions?
Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
I've been one of the leaders of the Fire Sacco bandwagon for going on 3 years now. His time came and went long long ago in my books. It started with bad personnel decisions from him, sitting guys on the wrong nights, putting together bad line groupings etc.

Since then, I've really seen that his coaching philosophy lacks a proper system where we can play defensive hockey if needed. If we don't score, we won't win. Successful teams aren't built like that.

Yeah, we made the playoffs once under his tenure, but that year Craig Anderson stood on his head for over half of his starts. We won games but weren't a good team.

He needs to go.

If he doesn't get let go, then I will start calling for the heads up upper-management. I give Sherman the benefit of the doubt, for now, considering some of the deals he's made. I still will support the Johnson trade, for now, at least until we see how Siemens/Rattie etc turn out.

I also support his deals in regards to Quincey for Downie and the Varlamov trades. Those have all been pretty good, in my books. With that being said, did he actually make those trades or is that Lacroix?

That's where the problem lies with upper management for me. It's hard to blame people when you don't know who should take the blame. The hidden agenda, cloak and dagger **** from this management staff is the real problem more than anything.

Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
He'll be a good President one day. Love the support for Giggy, Lando, and the young core.
Came here to post this and to make sure you guys listen to the little note at the end of that interview after the interview ends:

Listen at 29:50

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