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12-29-2003, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
all those speculations !

i never said that players have talked to pedneault about Koivu , i have talked about players / journalists at large that are talking together ,

and how can you speculate and decide who is talking to who ? why are you sure that euro players don't talk to Pedneault , or Souray or Kilger . who are you to decide that it could be only french players that are complaining about the leadership of Koivu , or that are talking to pedneault ?
and all those speculations to prove that Pedneault is inventing news ...
Rely on your own eyes and ears, Markov. Do you see signs of disunity on the ice? Do you hear Julien criticizing the team? I didn't say that French players were confiding things to Pedneault. I went down the list and didn't name a single francophone who might have been doing it. I believe that the media are concocting things to draw attention to themselves or to further their own prejudices. If it were true, I'm sure that Gainey would intervene forcefully to root it out. He wouldn't allow a disruptive issue to simmer. Pedneault isn't the worst instigator by any means (Réjean Tremblay wins hands down) but he's far from neutral.

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