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04-11-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
This is a pretty casual rec big deal. I'd be ticked off if I was paying bigger league fees though.

I did this last year and it completely backfired

Having a hard time visualizing your you were previously dragging the puck, then leaning and snapping? Now you are just snapping?

One thing, I dunno if it's just mental or not, but with whippier/high kick sticks, I like to lean into shots more, whereas with stiffer/low kick sticks, it's more just getting rid of the puck. There's the tradeoff of power vs quick release. But I think quick release is probably the way to go.
Exactly. Well, at least the was the difference between the technique i used for mid and low kick respectively. I need to also try just snapping with the mid and see how that goes.

In one motion I'm loading and snapping the puck. I'm out of my phase where I'd learn something new and then buy a new stick to try a differen flex/curve options so I may consider going up slightly in flex to see what difference it makes when one of my sticks break.

Basically like the video below, except also incorporating shooting off the toe and having a bit more heel off the ice when loading. I found that if I just drove hard through the puck and toward my target, it created the increase in power and accuracy. The metaphoric light bulb went off.

When the RS2 breaks, I'm most likely going to try out the E28/Kreps in a pro stock because the curve I have now seems like a Sakic/Kreps hybrid.

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