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Originally Posted by Hockeyfriend View Post
Kantor was not brought in as a center to start...he was wing. Your first three centers after Kantor arrives was Sgarbossa, MC and McDonald. When McDonald was out they moved several palyers in and out as center of the 3rd line. Geez, even Silk and Schoenmakers were played in center of the 3rd line to be given extra time.
Kantor saw very limited time at center ast year, but down the stretch saw more.

To reply to another comment on here, agree...Kantor and Silk take stupid untimely penalties and are punsihed by staying on the ice and given more to make up for the ice they missed while in the box. These are the guys wearing the letters yet they can do no wrong.

Kantor - he is a liability as a center. He does not pass even when players are wide open. I like his physical play but most of the time he takes himself so far out of the play running around trying to kill someone.
Agree. I forgot about McDonald, but he was injured most of last year and when he returned he played wing. HOwever, they did play Kantor, or Silk as 2nd line centre down the stretch as MC was out most of the 2nd half due to concussion.

Some rumours regarding the Wolves, is that Cull made a mess with the As on the team. They had Kantor as C and Dodero as full time ,and Campagna, Silk, Baptiste and someone else alternate between home and away. They had 7 guys in the dressing room trying to run the room,rather than 1 C and 2 As.

All I am saying is that MC is their best offensive threat, along with Baptiste and possibly Kahun and Kubalik, and until you get anything better, you have to work around them. No use throwing MC under the bus, because he isnt Sidney Crosby. All other top 5 picks in the OHL are given greater rolls and played with top end players in their first and 2nd years, except for the boys in Sudbury. Even Baptiste played 3rd and 4th line last year and he was a #5 overall pick.

Hopefully they change their thinking going forward, but with the players they picked -Capobianco, and Vilardi coming in, they will not bring grit to the table. If you thought MC was soft, then wait to you see Capobianco and Vilardi play. They will have 4 centremen- MC, Kahun, Harris and Vilardi. Not one is a tough player.

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