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Originally Posted by Sheikyerbouti View Post
Remember the EIG?

Who wants to own a pro franchise in the sticks?

When Katz bought the team he gave the team money to spend. We were a cap team and not on a budget.

The "experts" who ran the team told him he needed to rebuild because they couldn't land star players like Hossa and Heatley. Those experts will have to be held accountable soon. I'm pretty sure Katz wants to win just as bad, or more, than anyone of us. He's just being fed bad information. The only way to become aware of bad information is over time and I'm pretty sure he's figuring it out. I'd be shocked if we had more than one more year without a change of direction
I recall the EIG operating with integrity, in a difficult financial world with no cap & a brutal exchange rate.
Katz on the other hand has a far more inept team in a cap world, with fantastic economics, sold out arena, & who threatens to leave numerous times if he is not gifted a new arena.
Its not even close.

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