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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
That's a nice theory, won't work but nice.

Find me the team that won the Cup while switching goalies in and out during the playoffs? You won't.

You can maybe switch once if a guy isn't playing well but constantly going back and forth leads to the team not being able to just go out and play and is too worried about who is in net. You find the right guy and go.
I understand that the concept will rip many completely out of their comfort zones, and I agree there's probably no precedent. And we as hockey fans may never see it again. This season's perfect storm of the lockout, the Hawks' incredible makeup (credit the entire organization), and the outstanding and relentlessly consistent team play has forged this anomaly into reality. If you read between Q's quotes, he's already relishing the obvious advantages that this opportunity presents. Believe me, the team is on board. Don't kid yourself into thinking that the rest of the league isn't painfully aware of what's brewing in Chicago. When Q breaks the mold and pulls it off, what indeed will be your words?

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