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04-11-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, but the Kings have nothing to do with Raley field.
Never mind the Kings; the only ways the city of Sacramento relates to Raley Field are the name of the team and the backdrop in the outfield. It's actually in West Sacramento, Yolo County... and just happens to be a bit of a walk from Old Sacramento over the Tower Bridge. I make that note because I find it interesting that the Rivercats kind of get a decent tax situation in what most people regard as a downtown stadium. Some people in Portland wish they were that lucky.

Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
Also, why would they need to go after another NBA team when they already have one?

Why do I believe Chris Daniels? Simple. Where were the whales two years ago? There was no law two years ago (and only a semi-exclusivity agreement now) saying that you couldn't approach the Maloofs with an offer for the team. I think you have money people in/around Sacramento seeking to play the "thwarted white knight" in order to set up for whatever they want next... which may or may not be the Kings, or even sports. I'm sure the Maloofs received some lowball offers. BTW, much like the union doesn't like players giving back money or playing at below market value, other owners don't like to sell for lowball amounts and usually pressure successfully to not let it happen to a colleague. They want to make gobs of money on the sale. It often happens that these lowballers soon learn the game and, if they come back, they do offer more dosh. I sense it won't happen soon enough here.

Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
Arco was built after the Kings had already moved to Sacramento.
BTW, there actually was a prefab place called "Arco Arena" built just in time for the Kings' arrival while they got moving on the "real" arena. It seated 10,000 IIRC. It was converted into an office building after its play days. I know some people will get confused if they research that one. It's not like the Kings moved into the Hornet's Nest when they first arrived.

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