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04-12-2013, 04:00 AM
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As predicted, Denmark vs. Norway in the final.. A victory is required for both.

Norway has one more p as they have won all their games in regulation.

Have we been to confident? I was sure Norways team was worse than ours, and not at all that good. We have allot of trouble scoring. Watched the game yesterday, and as against Slovenia most of the game was in their zone. We have allot of players that carry the puck well, but forget to pass and some that don't shoot enough.. At least not from a distance.

We don't have any snipers or decent shots imo. All the goals in the Italy game, were ugly goals around the crease.. And you cant win a WC like that..

We coulda' really used a guy like Björkstrand, has a great shot imo.

Norway may have a worse team on paper, but they sure have made it work..
Looks like they have a few great snipers and shots. Only thing im confident about is Denmarks Goalie and our D core which has been strong this year.

But, im sure Norway are going to promote.. Im sure Denmark will be the better team with more SOG and more time on attack. but Norway will just find a way like they always do..

Will never forget the U20 WC where Denmark leads the WHOLE game, Norway tie the game just before the end.. They go to OT, Denmark bombards Norways net with no luck.. Norway get ONE SHOT OFF in the WHOLE OT and score, win and promote

It's like all their collective hate for Denmark gathers when we play I remember when Denmark played Norway in the Euro Soccer Qual, the rhetorics from Norway were suprisingly racist and very angry, whilst it was a bit more jokey and fun in Denmark.. Before I moved to Denmark, I always thought it was Denmark vs. Sweden.. But boy oh boy have I learned the hard way, that Norwegians "don't like" Danes

I remember before I became a member and used to read these forums back in 2003 or 4 and Denmark had just promoted to the A groups. I read a thread where all the Swedes were happy about it and congratulating the Danes, and all the Norwegians were like, to hell with Denmark, we don't want them here.. And you could genuinely feel they ment it.

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