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08-29-2006, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Le Golie View Post
Learn to make it move places in a way that ensures you know where it is all the time. Don't just knock it around, forhand to backhand. Take it on your stick and move it a few inches. You are the one telling it where to go, so you need to learn how to meet it there and move it again. Once you learn how to anticipate its every move (which should come naturally because you are the one making it move) you should be able to feel it and know where it is all the time. That's what puck handling is, and that's how I feel when I have the puck.

Maybe this is a dumb post, but I hope it helps.
I thought it was a very good post.
I guess it's like thinking of your stick and the puck as extensions of your arm. The more time you have the puck on the blade of your stick the more aware you are of where it is -- you can feel its weight. The trick is in pulling the puck in one direction then redirecting it without losing control. Hopefully I'm not taking what you said out of context.

I still think knocking the puck/ball back and forth is valuable practice, but it may be more related to passing and receiving passes. You're essentially passing to and accepting a pass from yourself on your forehand and backhand.

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