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04-12-2013, 07:59 AM
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We must put their year end performance in perspective. I do not think many fans in the middle of January after we unloaded most of our veterans imagined that we would have much of a post season let alone making it to the second round. We have one of the youngest teams in the league and the future looks promising so let's not start selling them off too quickly. Up front we have Baptiste(95), Campagna(94), Kubalik(95),KaHun(95), Silk(94), Pancel(94) all entering their prime years in the OHL. An additional summer of hard training and the experience they gained this year will translate into great things for them. Even if only 5 of those 6 make this transition this still leaves us with good fire power up front. In front we also have a few freshmen and rookies that could significantly contribute next year, Schmaltz, Vilardi, Wettlauer (not much mention about him but having a great year playing Junior B) Spicer and Peters. Even guys like Desrocher, Huether and Harris you have to realize that this was really their first full season in the league, again with a hard summer training they could come back monsters.

In D certainly we will be lacking depth, but again Dehann made some significant strides this year and Cummins, not many 96 came into the league this year and took over, with a hard training regime this summer next year could be his break out year. (lesson to remember with our expectation for Capobianco). In addition we have Raines (OA) and Genovese which will bring us some toughness and decent defensive coverage. In the wings we also have a big rookie (Eccles) which with improved skating will reinforce our team's toughness. Then we have Leblanc, points leader in Rookie defenseman in the OJHL, which could bring us the puck carrying defenseman and PP quarterback we so desperately need, or if not we should have enough excess baggage (anyone not mentioned previously,plus some good draft picks in 2014) to go get us one.

In net, our only hope is the Palazzese comes back as an over age, if not we could be in trouble, not because we don't have good prospects at this position but the experience is just not there.

This would leave us one spot for an OA D or forward, preferable a tough one which should be easy enough to get as an OA.

My two cents worth and see you next year.

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