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Originally Posted by Section19 View Post
You realize that Kontos was traded even before Kantor was acquired right? Blaine Smith was even interviewed after the Kontos trade and said that they made the trade so that your beloved MC would get 2nd line center ice time. When Kantor joined the team, he was on the 3rd line.

I also fail to see why you keep complaining and coming up with excuses about MC's ice time. He played a regular shift, saw 2nd PP unit time and even saw plenty of PK time as well. He was tied for 9th in the league last year with short handed goals. Stop making excuses for a player that can only look in the mirror for not developing and not getting drafted.
And to further add. MC doesn't just take a part of the PP he normally stays on for the entire 2 minutes - even well after his PP unit has changed. He will get plenty of points if he is on the ice for an average of 80% of every PP.

He has never once hustled off the ice, he actually has stopped striding a minimum of 50' from the bench. His laziness in many areas has caused many goals against because he won't back check when tired (stays on too long) or just coming to the bench to change.

Last year, he was 2nd line minutes pretty much the entire year...never pushed to 3rd when lazy...let's remember, as a 2nd year and 2nd line player he did not even get to 30 points. Yet, not at any time was he demoted. In fact when he was out and kids were moved up to play in his spot and they were winning, he was immediately put back to 2nd line and other kids demoted and we start to lose.

Anyone who says MC was not liked by Cull is full of crap. He is loved by Cull because based on the 2nd line minutes with such low production last year he would never have stayed on 2nd line.

Again, not taking away from him being very skilled and is arguably the best passer on the team...but there is too many kinks in his armor to sell everyone he is been crapped on by coach/management and scouts.

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