Thread: Speculation: Has Adam Oates Been Fired Yet????
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04-12-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by BTCG View Post
To me, the team and Adam put me in mind of the Detroit Lions, under the coaching of Monte Clark.

The Lions would do pretty much the same: play horribly at first... then rally, and play just well enough to make the playoffs.

Clark and the Lions were famous for their wide smirks after making the playoffs.

They were also famous for their closed doors after being eliminated in the 1st round.
I think it's too early to put them in this category. It's just the first year, and they were arguably still learning the system for that slow start. If they start slow again next year, then we can start to talk about a developing trend.

Originally Posted by BTCG View Post
Yes, they were. And that's why you want to use the term "mostly" instead of "every"... eh?
I didn't go back and read the shortstop analogy post, so I'm not really familiar with what you're referencing. Of course there are exceptions to every best practice, but it's a best practice for a reason.

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