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Originally Posted by American in Paris View Post
I might also add some anecdotal evidence based on personal observation:

The most skilled players on my club teams, especially those who played at high level, tend to use average-to-inexpensive sticks... several of them prefer wood sticks/blades.

The mediocre/poor players who are passionate about the game and aspire to improve are the ones with the $200 OPS'.

I've see nothing wrong with people spending their money as they please and I don't dispute that the perceived marginal utility may intersect with the marginal cost at a very high price point.

But I do hope that the aspirational types enriching the marketing departments at Bauer and Reebok understand that they are paying for an aspirational product - a luxury good comparable to a Louis Vuitton handbag - that has little-to-no connection with improving their performance on the ice.

Those who do want to invest in performance will find much better returns spending their money on more ice time/skating lessons/weight training, etc.
Based on your anecdotal evidence it sounds like you play D league, where the most "skilled player" is a guy who has mastered the art of skating backwards without falling.

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