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04-12-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Rant? Alright.

It's the fans.

This is a fanbase where you can go to hoping you'd be in playoffs, and two weeks later, wanting everyone's head again. This is fanbase where a week earlier, was praising the general manager for not doing anything drastic, but a week later calls for his head.

Being fans of a team that has been bad to terrible for 7 years or so and management boosting expectations will due that to you. Blame the fans that thought the 5 game winning streak was the norm and not an anomaly.

This is a fanbase that has people threaten that they will burn their season tickets, last year, yet still go to every game like they are forced to.

This is a bad thing fan wise? LOL How about they a) actually do it or b) never show up in the 1st place.

This is a fanbase that would rather see the team lose, to get rid of management, than to see the team win.

Because they are very smart fan base. they know 100% for sure that if the only way the owner would ever ever remove his nepotistic incompetent buddies would be if the team gutters a few more years.

This is fanbase that thinks their 19 year old center is a bust, and that we should have drafted another guy, even though people are quick to defend that 19 year old center, they are quick to dump on a guy who is second in team scoring, and in the top 30 for scoring.

This is correct, I agree with it. Fans on this forum fall out of love with players so fast it is ridiculous (see all the trade mps threads last year, see all the trade Eberle threads this year.)

This is a fanbase, that will blast a guy wearing the C and compare him to the worst captain in Oilers history, with absolutely no proof, other than just hating the guy.

Well I think you are only directing this at me because almost no one else has this stance. Proof? I won't once again post the legion of reasons our captain is an overall big minus to this team.

This is a fanbase that believes when Eberle was hurt, it was due to a losing culture. Yes. A losing culture.

I have no idea what you are talking about on this one, if it was stated it was stated in only a thread or two at most.

This is a fanbase where people can look at a trade between two fourth rounders, admit they know nothing about the player they got, but become an expert based on two youtube clips and declare he is a waste of skates.

Agreed, however you want to know the worse thing? The schlep fans are usually right about these things far more often than our prize management team.

This is fanbase that believes that if you stick up for the team, you are sheep. If you don't want to trade everyone and fire everything, you are just a stupid blind homer.

If you stick up for this team (as in the management team and ownership) you are a sheep.

This is a fanbase where people think Hall will demand a trade, even though he just signed a six year extension, again offering absolutely no proof of this but just pointless speculation. Based on "gut" feelings.

A fanbase? You take one post by one totally delusional person and paint that on the fans?

This is fanbase that constantly needs a whipping boy. Doesn't matter who, but there has to be a scapegoat.

This is 100% correct. Unfortunately the fans almost always get the wrong goat.

This is a fanbase where people call the Oilers COilers, and still follow the team, even though they have the option to follow another team.

Once again, what is better fans that stick around but are critical or no fans. In this case you are saying it would be better to have no fans than ones that blast the team. Katz would disagree.

But the best one is that our fanbase is not happy with us being in the playoffs, and would rather tank for another top pick. Or the guys who aren't happy that the Oilers are remotely close to a playoff spot, anddeems everything a failure. There is no middle ground.

Wha? Not happy with being in the playoffs? Not sure how you came up with this. There comes a time to raise expectations those that have none will never achieve them.

Yeah. The paper bag goes to the fanbase. It's embarassing to be an oilers fan because of how over dramatization of well, everything.

Overall this is one of the most foolish, lame posts ever to be posted on these forums. Blame a fan base that fills the rink every night with a huge waiting list, pays some of the highest ticket prices, watches every game on tv if they don't go to the game, has massively large game day threads. One of the most active team forums on this site. No, the true fans are those that expect something, perhaps ***** but stick around. Your comments are pretty insulting to one of the best fan bases in the league.
Good rebuttal BF. we r a fanbase that so badly wants to love our team that, when they give us some sugar, we over react. When reality returns, we re-remember that this is a terribly run franchise... On the level of the Ballard Leafs. They know they don't need to be good, they just need intrigue. By being the worst they r awarded three 18 y/o sensations.... Intrigue... Sell. Thru natural development, the team will eventually be pretty good. But, the whole while management never actually did anything. They have the best jobs in the world.

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