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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
The Rangers won't trade us McDonagh for Eberle, no chance.
If they did then i would do that trade but it's not realistic for a team to trade a young #1 defenseman for a young #1 RW.
The idea is to build around Eberle and Yak and not trade one of them to fill a hole by creating another hole.
Though I agree with you don't create a hole to make a hole, I don't necessarily think that is what is happening with the hypothetical question. Before we can be taken seriously we are a top 6 center with some size, and a top def away from being playoff worthy. We have some assists in Gagner, Hemsky and prospects but none of them get us our center or def.

A team can't build around wingers and we have 3 top wingers. Even though Ebs is struggling a bit, we all know he is a big time player. What the Oilers need is a star for star trade to strengthen our center or def position. Do you trade Hall? Ebs? Or Yak?

Clearly Hall and Yak are the better players, but Ebs is Halls best friend and Ebs has that quality where he will likely score our most memorable goal in Oiler history at some point. Tough call. I believe for the right return it would have to be Ebs because Both Hall and Yak have the quality of being able to put the team on their backs and make things happen.

I would not trade a 1st overall ever because with the economics of the nhl, when too many top paid players make the cap impossible, you need a young talent to come in and replace one. Ideally a top draft pick that has spent a year or 2 in the minors and has been developed properly

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