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Originally Posted by NHLFutureGuy3 View Post
I think this team is better at the winger position than its been for years. Even if you wanted to move Desharnais to the wing right now, I don't know where you would put him. Perhaps you think he would do better than Gionta at the wing. I don't think he would be better and I think we will resign Gionta for next year.

So if by next year you see a scenario where:
1) Desharnais is surpassed by the other centers
2) He's not physical enough to play winger
3) There are no injuries to either Plekanec, Eller, or Galchenyuk

Desharnais will either have to be scratched or you may have to move one of Eller or Galchenyuk to wing. If we move Eller or Galchenyuk to wing just to accommodate Desharnais, that would be putting him ahead of the team.

As always, I feel the need to add that I loved what Bouillion did sticking up for his teammate last night. He's a true warrior. I would be the first one cheering if somehow we landed Martin St-Louis. For a very long time, I really, really wanted Vincent Lecavelier on this team. This is because I find all three of these guys are contributors to a team. I question Desharnais' contract because I seriously question the small statured, one dimensional guys ability to produce better than our young guys.

To all of you guys laughing at this healthy scratch notion. I compared his healthy scratch to what is happening right now to Yannick Webber. On another team Yannick Webber might be playing as a regular. We just have too much depth for Yannick Webber right now. Sometimes healthy scratches are no fault of the players. They just happen because the player is simply not as good as the other players on the team. So if Plex, Eller and Chucky all surpass him, a healthy scratch may be what happens to him. By next year, I don't see Desharnais being good enough to contribute to the top 9 on the Montreal Canadiens.
Lots of speculation here... Anf IF DD would rebound ang give the habs another 60 points + season ?

And IF we got Eller or Plekanec or Galchenyuk injured ?

Right now, DD is still paid 850K, and his next contract is no problem if Habs really want to trade him down the road for whatever reasons.

How many more threads and zillions of posts about a player who is supposed to be so "insignificant" for some enraged posters on this board ?

I am very happy with ALL the centers we have. Stop focusing on a single player.

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