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04-12-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
You don't have to lose all integrity to put on a show. Rick Jeanneret, Doc Emrick are incredibly exciting to listen to and do an awesome job at bringing the game to life without having to resort to pandering to the home crowd. Sure, there will always be some favortism but Edwards take it to a whole new level and in doing so, lowers the fans to even more ignorant levels.

Sure it's nice to see the human side to a guy you think is 1 demensional, but it doesn't mean he's all of a sudden a good guy. Serial killers can seem like great guys under the right circumstances, doesn't mean I want to be friends with one.

Edwards = zero integrity shift disturber in my books. He'd have to pull me out of a burning building for me to change mymind about him. 1 non biased tweet does not change his body of work.
First, I never said he's a good guy, all I said was that I had gained a bit of respect for him.

Second, he has to pander to the Bruins fanbase and is an emotional guy so that makes a combination for some crazy things to be said. I'm not excusing him for those things he has said, all I'm saying is I understand why he said them.

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