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04-12-2013, 12:24 PM
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You know that Edwards crossed the line when even most of the Bruins fans are calling his comments classless and totally disrespectful, as most called him out for his Emelin comments when Alex was injured. (Did anybody has his comments? I didn't hear them...).

Yet, most of them are fine with him most of the time, which in the end, is the reason why Edwards is doing his games....because it's mostly addressed to guys whose favorite team is the same than him. And I have no problem with it. Enough of the supposed journalist who are "suppose" to be fair with everybody, who doesn't have a favorite team and so on. Most people are able to have a favorite team and yet be fair. But noooooo. Not the great journalists. At least Edwards doesn't hide. Crosses the line in some occasions....but just imagine our own announcers with some "Get up" rants and so on. We'd applaud him. Again, let's hope he doesn't cross the line too much.

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