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04-12-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
I don't know exactly why anyone is arguing with Tad Mikowsky...and calling him Tencer for cripes sakes.

Pretty much every point he made is the truth, at least regarding this forum...and seemingly many of the callers to the sports shows.

Cannot blame the fans for the inadequate, backbone less play of the Oilers as of late BUT...pretty much every point that Tad makes is correct from what I've seen and heard lately.
Really, it's wrong for the fans of the most losing franchise in hockey in the last 7 years to be upset? Particullarly when every other organization in the league would of turfed the architects of the disaster, yet the nepotism in this organziation guarantees his safety. Of course this further infuriates the fans, because they all recognize that the nepotism in this organization guarantees a losing orgazination no mater how many cosmetic changes are made.

Tad is right in one respect. It is the fans fault, not for blindly pouring money into Katz's coffers while keeping their collective mouths shut as he would have them do. But for supporting this pathetic management group and owner. Stop supporting them, and real changes will be made.

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