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12-29-2003, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by G Man 77
This year's edition is the perfect model for why hockey is dying... BORING as hell.

It's all about size, system, cycling, wearing the opposition down.

ZERO offense off the rush, expect for Crosby, the only interesting player to watch on the whole team offensively.
No pretty passing plays either, the Swiss provided a better offensive show for god sakes with some good rushes and some nice passing plays... hell I saw some CREATIVENESS there.

In past years I've always looked forward to this WJHC because the games were so much more creative, exciting, talent filled.
But this year they've left a lot of top scorers at home, so they could play this boring yet effective hockey instead.

They've ruined my holidays.. instead of being saved from Habs-Carolina type games I now have a double dose.

I wish Canada would be allowed to send a 2nd team with the the actually best players instead of the biggest lineup they could find... they might not win it all but they'd be a hell of a lot more exciting to watch.
The system of defensive play adopted per many teams of the NHL is the base of several teams of the AHL and junior teams.

The reason why this system exist is the fact that there are too many teams in the NHL (National Holding League). If this league had only 20 teams, each team would have more skilful players... the system, in this case, is not so important for win a game. The AHL and the junior teams must have a little less team for have more skilled player in each team.

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