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08-29-2006, 12:46 PM
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Kozlov I'd be more willing to take a chance on, but I still wouldn't really want him. Ribeiro is still capable of some good play, its just a matter of if he tries his best. If he does, I have no problem with him being our 2nd line centre for the time being. He at least deserves the chance. Its a new start for our team with Guy in charge, everyone deserves their shot at proving themselves. If Guy doesn't like what Ribs offers, either he or Bob will do something about it. We have some options at centre already available if needed and there is always the possibility of a trade. For the time being though, Ribs is skilled, he's fairly cheap, he can point up points and he wants to be here.

Its now up to Guy and Bob to decide what they want from their players, Ribs included. They will let him know what is expected of him and it will be up to him to meet those expectations. Both Guy and Bob really know the game and are reasonable people, they aren't going to ask Ribs to do things he isn't capable of, but they will expect him to give his all. As long as he does that, I can see him staying around for a while yet (unless management has plans to aquire another high quality centre). At this stage, I personally wouldn't mind too much if Ribs is replaced for someone more consistant but I also don't have a problem with him staying.

BTW - nice job apologizing. Some people just appear on here, post **** and disappear. good to see someone actually admit a mistake and try and move on, many wouldn't have bothered

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